Delivering Real Time Information to the Train with the same quality as on the Station

Kings Cross departures and arrivals board

Beagle Passenger Information System features:

  • Real Time Information from Darwin
  • Delays displayed and announced
  • Departures shown for called at Stations
  • Wide range of LED and TFT Displays available
  • Text to Speech Announcement System
  • Easy to use train Staff interface Unit
  • On-Train Controller is easy to install
  • GPS system to monitor the train’s location
  • No on-train configuration required
  • Low Cost over air communications
  • Remote on train equipment monitoring
  • Remote equipment diagnostics and reset
  • A totally “soft” programmed system

Passenger Needs

[During a journey there is an] increasing demand among passengers for the industry to become more sophisticated in this area of customer service and provide more comprehensive, real time information.
(Source: The passenger experience - full research report – May 2014)

Passenger satisfaction with the provision of information during their journey is one of the few areas where satisfaction with the UK’s railways is falling. This measure, as well as falling, also lags by more than 10% points behind the level of satisfaction that is enjoyed by the On-Station Information provision. (Source: Passenger Focus Survey – Spring 2014) More and more passengers are expecting that the information provided about their journey, whilst on the train, will be to the highest quality, real time and comprehensive. It also needs to be to a similar standard as that enjoyed by passengers on Stations.

Train Operator Needs

All too often the Passenger Information Systems fitted to trains rely upon regular re-configuration if the route changes or the timetable is updated or the train moves to a new operator. This often means that if the reconfiguration is not done, the systems cannot be reliably used. A modern system needs to be totally agnostic to route, and timetable and operator and should never need any on-train re-configuration.

Beagle Real-Time System

The Beagle System offered by ADComms Ltd has been designed to mitigate these issues. In addition to the information of the destination and the next stations called at, the system provides real-time information, both visual and audible, on when the service will arrive at these stations, including any predicted delays, If available the reasons for any delay can be displayed and announced. The visual displays show this timeliness information clearly to the passenger in a simple and straightforward manner. The scheduled arrival times at the later stations are shown and should the service be running late the estimated arrival times are shown.

The system is designed to be totally “soft” programmed requiring no on-train upgrading or reconfiguration, as this is all done remotely and wirelessly as and when required.

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